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Cookies are harmless small information files left on your computer when you visit our websites, (, and Most websites will leave Cookies.

The Cookies are used to improve your experience when using our websites, and to help us improve their content by letting us know which pages have been visited.

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Details of the Cookies Relating to our WebSites

Cookies are categorised as: Strictly Necessary, Performance, Functionality, or Targeting.View the ICC(UK)’s Cookie Guide for more information about categories.

The following table gives details of the individual Cookies from our websites:

Category Cookie name Expiry Who actually deposits the Cookie Use
Strictly Necessary PHPSESSID At end of session TMCS site (i.e. To treat visiting a group of pages as a session
Performance -none used-
Functionality turing_string_ 4 hours TMCS site (i.e. As part of CAPTCHA input on contact forms
Targeting __utma 15 mins for Google Analytics To see which pages have been visited
__utmb 30 mins
__utmc At end of session
__utmz 6 months
__jsuid >1 year
first_pv_nnn 15 mins

How to Turn Off Cookies in Your Browser

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Further Information about Cookies

If you wish to learn more about Cookies you may find these links useful: