Our Directors

Taylor Made’s success lies in our ability in assembling the right team of directors and IT professionals. We are able to bring together people with the most relevant sector and technical experience to ensure our customers receive a perfectly tailored, fit for purpose, cost efficient solution that suits their business needs now and for the future.

The Taylor Made team, consisting of 5 directors and over 115 IT professionals, is one of the Solent region’s largest and growing IT service providers. With a combined 750 years’ experience in delivering IT solutions to business, education and public sector organisations. We pride ourselves on being highly regarded for our exceptional customer service and skilled people.


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Joe Jeffers

Group Chief Financial Officer

General Tel: 01329 239 900

Support Tel: 01329 226 900

Forum 5, Solent Business Park, Whiteley, Fareham
PO15 7PA

Areas of Expertise

  • Stakeholder Relations
  • EBITDA Growth
  • Performance Management

Within Taylor Made I work with the Board and management team with a focus on working capital optimisation, EBITDA growth and overall business performance; as well as managing and developing the finance team. I am a fellow of the ACCA and have held roles in banking, accountancy and corporate finance and have a hands on approach to operations as Finance Director.

My varied background in senior finance roles included 8 years acting as corporate finance advisor to businesses and investors, with particular focus on marine, transport, manufacturing and technology sectors. Prior to joining the business in September 2016, I was CFO of an international, private equity backed, marine safety group.

I am married with two children and live near the sea, where I enjoy a number of water sports, including surfing and kayaking. I am also an improving golfer and a great rugby fan, only recently hanging up my boots.

Matt Faulkner

Group IT Technical Director

General Tel: 01329 239 900

Support Tel: 01329 226 900

Forum 5, Solent Business Park, Whiteley, Fareham
PO15 7PA

Areas of Expertise

  • IT Strategy
  • Technical Service Delivery
  • Project Development

My role is centred around the delivery of IT strategy, business systems, managing and maintaining the IT service and all key technology components of the business included our product portfolio.

I have been with Taylor Made for 16 years. Throughout my career at Taylor Made, I have had the opportunity to work with great people on some technically challenging and enjoyable projects. I joined Taylor Made as Junior Engineer and I have held a number of positions including Senior Engineer, Senior Technical Consultant and Consultancy Manager.

I am not ashamed to say that I love my work and I equally enjoy spending time with my family and like to holiday in France. I also enjoy following Formula 1 and scuba diving.

Ian Lockwood

Commercial Director

General Tel: 01329 239 900

Support Tel: 01329 226 900

Forum 5, Solent Business Park, Whiteley, Fareham
PO15 7PA

Areas of Expertise

  • Commercial Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Product Development

Within Taylor Made I work with the Board and Management team to shape the businesses strategic partnerships and drive forward its business plan. I manage all key relationships with vendors, distributors and many of our customers, whilst continuously challenging and improving performance across all business areas.

I also head up the Product Board. All of our products and services undergo a rigorous selection process and must be approved by our Product Board before we add them to our portfolio.

I joined Taylor Made in 2003 having spent a number of years in the communications industry. My previous career was in the Royal Navy as a Supply Officer where I specialised in information technology.

I am married with two sons and enjoy a varied social life; attending the theatre, watching sports, playing golf and generally trying to keep fit by playing racket ball, Pilates and walking our Cocker Spaniel on the beach.

  • Taylor Made understand the importance of delivering support on time

    Portsmouth NHS Trust
    Taylor Made Computer Solutions have proven themselves to be a strategic IT partner for our team at Portsmouth NHS trust and we have started to see the benefits of such an arrangement.
  • Our business is better as a result of using Taylor Made's services.

    Absolute Calibration Ltd
    Taylor Made has never let our business down. Whatever we challenge them with, they always find an effective way to provide the service.
  • Taylor Made have been our IT provider for a while now.

    Active Nation
    Taylor Made are trustworthy, reliable and honest. How often can you say that about your IT provider?  
  • Our company data is in good hands thanks to Taylor Made.

    Liberty Leasing
    Securo Backup and Recovery has been a God send! No more coming into the office at weekends, Christmas and holidays to change tapes. We are so glad it is no longer something we have to worry about.  
  • Taylor Made has really helped our business over the years.

    Brendoncare Foundation
    Securo Backup & Recovery has enabled us to remove the need to keep changing backup tapes and storing them. It has also sped up the time needed to recover a document if required.
  • Working with Taylor Made was the best decision we made.

    PHVC Ltd
    They are a well run, friendly company with expertise and interest in the products they supply. They are such a great business.
  • A really helpful and brilliant service provided.

    UK Wide Leisure Company
    Matts visit to us yesterday at the outdoor sports centre was brilliant. He came in to setup some laptops for us. He was very helpful, made sure everything was working 100% before he left also took away a few actions to complete which he couldn't do whilst on site.
  • Taylor Made have provided excellent support for our IT requirements.

    Marchwood Power
    Taylor Made proposed, designed and implemented SharePoint for our complex and demanding documentation but this is proving to be a great success in both its speed and flexibility.
  • In partnering with Taylor Made, life has become very dull!

    Dartmouth General Contractors
    We really like the flexibility that Office 365 provides. It enables us to scale to our business demands and provides a consistent set of applications across our staff base, despite their location. Having worked with TMCS for many years, we took their recommendation to move to 365 with the confidence that TMCS can efficiently backup and support the environment.
  • Taylor Made were there to ensure we could function as a business again.

    Khan Morris Accountants
    The fire was a very stressful time for us, but the detailed planning and hands-on approach from Taylor Made was critical and very important to the success of our business's relocation and IT system set up.
  • A high level of support is achieved from the staff at Taylor Made.

    Coffin Mew LLP
    Taylor Made designed and implemented our infrastructure as well as providing support, training and strategic advice. There has been strong customer service and quality which we see at all levels within Taylor Made.
  • A lot has changed in the ten years we have been working together.

    Beaulieu Enterprises
    We are delighted that with Taylor Made's help we have always been one step ahead of the game, which has made a positive impact on our services to visitors.
  • Taylor Made's staff are extremely kind and really good company.

    Liberty Leasing Plc
    Some of the engineers from Taylor Made visited our office and did a great job, and made a fast turnaround for us. They cracked on and were extremely friendly.

Staff Retention

We pride ourselves on our 94% staff retention.