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  • Predictable IT expenditure
  • Ensure continuity and risk management
  • Reduced overheads
  • Focus on your core activities
  • Effective support escalations
  • Develop skills of internal staff
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We have been the trusted IT support and strategic partner to businesses across the region for many years.

Over this time we have also taken an ever greater responsibility for the IT support platform for larger organisations. In many cases, this is because the management team want to concentrate on the business and not on running the IT systems.

Fully Managed Outsourced IT

Whilst IT is important and often vitally so, a clearly defined IT strategy can run relatively unattended, provided that the support function is aligned with the business needs and operating effectively.

From simply outsourcing a core function such as ServiceDesk or server management, to a fully managed ITIL compliant IT Team, Taylor Made can deliver a high quality, cost effective and consistent support service over an extended period.

With an outsourcing service from Taylor Made, you are able to forget about the running of your IT and can benefit from reduced management overheads, whilst focusing on your core business activities.

Our proven outsourcing services are highly regarded by IT teams and Business Owners alike and we now have many teams of our engineers supporting organisations across the region on a full-time basis.



Flexible Support Resource

Many organisations experience peaks and troughs as IT staff come and go, through career development and technology changes. Sickness cover, training days and project work can all impact on day to day support and infrastructure stability.

This can present challenges to the business as IT strategy can become misaligned and skills gaps can undermine reliability.

An outsourced solution from Taylor Made resolves these problems for many organisations.

All Taylor Made engineers have undergone a rigorous selection process, ensuring you are working with the best in the industry. Our outsource functions are also supported by full access to all Taylor Made resources including our ServiceDesk, senior technical teams and escalation engineers.