Protection of corporate data is a complex and ever-changing issue. Intellectual property and client data require the strongest levels of protection from theft or attack from both outside and inside the corporate network.

Advanced techniques employed by hackers and viruses provide an ever moving target in what is one of the most complex aspects of IT.


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Two-Factor Authentication

Threats to network security can come in many forms. Some can even be introduced to the network by accident and often with the best intention.

Many of these threats can be addressed by improving processes in how data is stored, handled and destroyed when appropriate.

The use of strong passwords and two-factor authentication can also mitigate risks for minimal cost.

We have partnered with SMS Passcode to provide an SMS based two-factor authentication solution, replacing the need for traditional token-based authentication, that ensures security levels are maintained by employees accessing your corporate network remotely.

Threat Protection

Data stored on mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones and flash drives present some of the highest risks due to the potential for loss or theft. Data on these devices is often unencrypted and in most cases cannot be remotely destroyed.

Securing the ‘edge’ of a network is critical to ensuring many automated threats and hacking attempts are resisted.

This can be achieved with secure firewalls, encryption, appropriate authentication and the use of good endpoint threat protection software.

We will work with you to advise on and implement straightforward and cost effective security solutions to give you and your clients peace of mind.

PCI Compliance

Protect your brand, employees & customers from card data fraud


Data is stored in UK based tier 3+ Datacentres that are certified to ISO 27001. Data is also encrypted when stored and whilst in transit.

Routers and Firewalls

24 hours a day, 7 days a week network security monitoring and data protection.

Proactive Security

Penetration Testing and Compliance analysis ensure that your systems are always secure.


We offer an SMS based Two Factor Authentication.

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Portsmouth NHS Trust
Taylor Made Computer Solutions have proven themselves to be a strategic IT partner for our team at Portsmouth NHS trust and we have started to see the benefits of such an arrangement.


Only 38% of global organisations claim they are prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack.