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  • Full technical and business analysis of IT infrastructure
  • Fully understand current and future needs of your business
  • Prioritise short, medium and long term IT requirements
  • Ensure your business gets the most from your investment in IT
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When approached to provide IT support, or any other project, we consider that it is vital to understand the bigger picture.

What is a Strategic Review?

Taylor Made operate a proven engagement model that ensures your business gets the most from any investment in IT over the long term.

Our preferred approach when starting a new working relationship with a business, is to undertake a Strategic Review. This is typically performed by an experienced member of our Consultancy Team and/or a Senior Technical Engineer.

The process includes both a technical and a business analysis; this enables us to provide a full healthcheck and benchmark of your current IT platform, as well as to understand how the IT platform is aligned with the current and future needs of your business.

Does my business need one?

Ideally, yes. Every business, whatever size, can benefit from a Strategic Review.

The Strategic Review can be undertaken in isolation or to underpin a support service, technical engagement or business change.

The process will enable prioritisation of short, medium and long term IT requirements and provides an effective method for managing long term support and strategic advice.The Review encompasses a full report covering the specific IT needs of the business and is structured to pre-agreed individual requirements; for example we can structure the report to support Board/Owner decisions, IT Managers’ requirements or both.