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Are you tired of your team not turning up for work, paying for training courses only for people to leave shortly after? No skill set in house to complete simple tasks?

Do you need an inexpensive way to escalate technical issues without the need to pay for expensive contractors that don’t know or care about your business? Well it already sounds like you have some good reasons to outsource your IT. But there is more!
Why would you want to outsource your IT?

Here are 8 reasons why I think you should think about outsourcing your IT. Hopefully it might even be with us!

1 – Big team… Small costs
People… Outsourcing is not about the two guy’s on-site you see everyday. It is about the whole team. It’s about the senior technical guy you never see that helps your on-site team fix the issues you face. It is about the consultant that puts your proposal together.

It is the HR Team that manages and maintains the qualifications and knowledge of your staff. It is the guy that delivers your new tablet to you where ever you are. It’s about the knowledge of your business that is understood by so many.

2 – Harmony and results
IT Managers always fear bringing in Outsourced IT. Outsourcing your IT team does not mean you have to “give up” your IT manager that everybody loves. To have a dedicated internal IT manger working with the outsourcing team helps to create some great communication lines to the decision makers. Making it easier for the outsource company to show your business the benefits of new solutions. And while the he’s on his holiday guess what… We can step up and cover.

3 – Fixed Cost
Knowing what your IT spend is every month. No recruitment fees, no training budgets, no costly contractors to cover holiday and sickness. All covered under your outsourcing contract.

4 – Quality Staff
Staff that are trained and certified all at no cost to you. Training costs, covering engineer costs, all covered as part your outsourcing contract.

5 – Ditching CAPEX
Does costly CAPEX expenditure hit your cash flow. Outsourcing your IT can not only create fixed monthly costs for your human resources but also for your technical resources too. Hardware, software, managed services and cloud services can all help increase your cash flow and minimise the risk to your business.

6 – Reduced risk
There is nothing worse that your IT guy leaving and taking all his knowledge with him. You can reduce the risk by outsourcing your IT. Shared knowledge means better business continuity for you and your company. No single points of failures to worry about. Safe in the knowledge that no matter what face you see from your outsourcing team they will be know your company and support it just the way you need

7 – More time to focus
Outsourcing your IT to the experts allows someone else to stay focused on all your IT needs. Working with you to deliver long term strategies that are right for your business. This gives you more time to focus on running your business and letting the technology work for you.

8 – Development and Research
Why pay someone to do what we have already done? Development of systems and process is costly and time consuming. Why not go with someone that has already tried and tested it?

For more information on our Outsource solution visit our page HERE or any of our other products, contact us today on 01329 239900

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