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We have already been blown away by premium “on the go” cloud services from the likes of Spotify and Netflix – giving us an endless supply of entertainment at the touch of a button, but are we facing a new generation of technology where everything from our commute to work to the items in our fridge are digitally recognised? And how will this impact your business moving forward.

A New Era in Cloud Computing

What is Google Glass?
Google Glass is the newest product from Google allowing the user to wear a head mounted computer for on the go access to the internet and other cloud based services. It can suggest quicker routes home, bring up live news feeds from your social media platforms and record HD ready video all controlled by your voice and physical gestures.

How will Google Glass impact my Business?
With the anticipated release for early to mid part of 2014, Google Glass will make your Business more accessible on the go then ever before. Right now, almost no companies are using Glass (less than 1%) but in five years Gartner predicts 10% of companies with field service workers will be using the technology.

What is the Cloud, and can we trust it?
“The cloud is a Journey, not a solution” – Nigel Taylor. There is a huge difference between the Cloud in the 90’s early 2000’s and today. In the past the primary concerns about using the cloud were about reliability, access and security, can you trust where your data is and can you get it when you need it? But as better internet connections with better uptimes are readily available to consumer and business – the confidence begins to restore.

Technical Specifications of Google Glass:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Speakers
  • Camera
  • 720p Video
  • Google Maps
  • Voice Recognition
  • Multi O/S compatibility
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