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It appears that recovery is finally at the forefront of small business’s priority list.

This at least appears to be the case based on a number of recent conversations I’ve had with prospective clients and industry insiders.

Disaster Recovery and the technology/processes around it is nothing new but I have generally found that SMBs take an ‘it will never happen to us’ approach. An approach that I suggest is naïve and short sighted.

Thankfully there appears to be a change in the waters and I am being asked more and more about recovery requirements. This is refreshing!

So much of my time is spent trying to explain to people the risks that they are faced with on a daily basis. Take away obvious DR scenarios such as fire or flooding (which is particularly relevant this year) there are virus threats, end user error or media corruption/loss.

It isn’t scaremongering, it is a reality.

Perhaps it is the recent weather that has opened the eyes of those running SMBs in this country but the flooding is a genuine example of something you cannot predict.

What you can do though is minimise risk.

A good starting point is to at least review your recovery processes (assuming you have one at all!).

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