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A data backup, no matter what method or media used should always achieve a certain number of objectives.

Those objectives are not necessarily the responsibility of the person that performs the backup, after all, should securing the integrity of business data really be on one person. When that data is absolutely critical to the operation of a business it is perhaps unfair to place that amount of responsibility (or pressure!) onto one person, especially when they may not have any invested interest in the stability of the business itself.

So is it not only fair to expect the people that run the business to take ownership and ensure that backup objectives are met.

So as a business owner, do you know what those objectives are? The following items are 5 of the top factors for any business owner to ensure they have an understanding of:

What is your RTO?
The Recovery Time Objective is the duration of time and a service level within which services must be restored after a disaster in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in business continuity. The Recovery Time Objective includes the time trying to fix the problem, performing a recovery and communicating with staff members.

What is your RPO?
The Recovery Point Objective is the maximum acceptable level of data loss following a disaster. The Recovery Point Objective represents the point in time, prior to such an event or incident, to which lost data can be recovered.

How regularly is your recovery process tested?
A simple one this. When was the last time your recovery processes were actually performed. How long did it take? Does it fit with the business RTO and RPO? Most importantly, did it actually work?

What is your backup success rate?
Is your backup performing as it should? How regularly is it performed and does it actually work?

Does your backup meet the demands of your customers/suppliers?
More regularly than ever, potential or existing customers/suppliers demand that businesses they engage with hold certain security certifications or meet minimum standards. Does your backup and recovery process achieve that? For example, if you’re holding customer information can you confidently say that you back it up to a level that meets their demands?

Can you confidently answer these questions? If not, I would ensure that you invest some time into finding the answers and engage with a suitable partner to design a suitable solution.

For more information on the Securo Backup and Recovery solution, or to try it for yourself for free, contact us today on 01329 239900

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