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We’re all familiar with the need for robust anti-virus protection across all devices within our organisation, especially with recent high-profile malware such as CryptoLocker.

Usually the IT dept will take responsibility for ensuring 100% AV coverage – a real challenge, especially with mobile devices that may not be connected to the company network very much, compared to office-based PC’s. How can you be sure that a travelling employee will get a critical AV product update, or policy change applied to their laptop, whilst travelling?

So what is Managed AV? Simply put, it is a cloud-based AV solution, typically managed by an MSP, who will install, manage and report on it for you. Protection can be customised to your environment, reducing false positives and ensuring continued productivity.

The clear advantages of this approach is that because the AV is not managed from your network, devices are protected, updated and get product and signature updates, along with any profile changes whenever (and wherever) they’re connected to the internet. On top of that, there are no version upgrades to pay for or install – your devices are automatically upgraded to the latest version whenever it is released.

Deployment to any new devices can be automated and reporting is centralised, giving valuable peace-of-mind that your devices are protected against the latest high-profile viruses. Reporting can be automated, to give regular re-assurance that devices are covered.

In terms of cost and admin, there are no renewals or expensive licensing to buy or keep track of for compliance – simply a monthly payment per device, as low as a few pounds.

TMCS offer our own Managed AV product, with a rapidly increasing customer base. Anyone from the smallest of businesses, to large solicitors can benefit from it. And by only paying for devices that are actually using a license, it’s flexible too. The product is based on BitDefender, the number 1 rated anti-virus engine ( #1 rating based on AV-Comparatives Summary Report 2012)

For a one-off setup fee, we will get your devices installed remotely, and will take care of the removal of your old AV product too. From then on it’s just a low monthly payment per-user.

What has been your experience of using traditional anti-virus products? Can you relate to the headache of not really knowing whether all your devices are protected?

Are you running the latest product version for your AV and if not, can you be sure of its reliability and effectiveness?

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