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We’ve seen some nice warm weather recently and hopefully there’s more to come! But have you considered the potential impact of this on your network infrastructure?

The effect of excessive heat on your servers and other equipment can be disastrous. Although many servers have built in shut-down protection, the failure of an air-con unit can mean dramatic temperature increases in a short space of time. This can shorten the working life of internal components, with the risk of a critical failure.

Much like a car, servers run hot – and rely on constant cooling to operate safely.

With more than a few items of equipment in a room, air-con becomes essential to ensure equipment runs safely and efficiently. An open-window is simply not good enough!

Last week we had a customer whose server room air-con failed, resulting in a significant temperature increase of around 15 degrees in a short space of time. This unfortunately is an all too common occurrence with many of our customers, around these summer months.

As this particular customer is covered by our itBusinessCare service, and had temperature monitoring equipment, we were able to detect the problem early and arrange to pre-emptively shut down the servers, before the temperature reached a critical level that could have damaged them.

In this case it was a simple case of the air con filters getting dirty and blocked over time. This highlights the importance of regular air-con maintenance – when was your unit last checked? During hotter months the air-con is clearly under more strain and this is typically when we see failures – exactly when you need it to be working hardest!

Temperature monitoring is just one aspect of Taylor Made’s comprehensive itBusinessCare service. From managed anti-virus, through to server hardware and Backup monitoring, we can give you the benefit and peace of mind that comes with knowing your IT investment is being constantly monitored and maintained.

To learn more about itBusinessCare , download the brochure HERE

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