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The concepts of synergy, integration and collaboration are well established in business, but these terms can be over-used. Often, they are used to frame the question of how to get more from your people and get people working together effectively.

An equally valid question is ‘how can we get our systems working better for us?’ or put more simply, ‘how can we achieve more with less?’

The investment in IT is often high and businesses rightly expect to see value for money. Ideally, value that can be tracked through to the bottom line!

Here at Taylor Made, our monitoring system is a perfect example of this. Providing the backbone of our itBusinescare service, and through the use of scripting and automation, we are able to fix a variety of common issues on our customer’s servers, routinely and often without manual intervention. This allows them to continue with their work without disruption.

Because remedial action can often be taken before an IT issue becomes business-impacting, the customer can be confident that TMCS have full visibility of their environment. Any new equipment the itBusinessCare customer may purchase can be automatically included within the monitoring system if required.

To complement any IT system, a clear end-to-end vision of what is to be achieved is required. Back-end procedures and universal knowledge of best-practice can then help make this a reality, and these ensure that correct and consistent action is taken each time.

By grouping related tasks that need to happen together (perhaps through CRM workflow) it can be ensured that nothing is forgotten, and the correct action is taken for any given scenario.

All these elements intelligently combined together, make up a successful system – encompassing technology, people, and processes.

How could you improve the systems in place within your business? Whether through leveraging CRM or streamlining existing processes, there are often possibilities to improve the time taken to carry out routine tasks, minimise human error, and improve business performance.

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