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It is a well known fact that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Having visibility of your IT environment along with regular reporting is essential if you are to avoid any issues that may affect productivity.

However, a report on its own is not much use, unless you have the time and resources to deal with issues and understand the impact on your business.

Here at Taylor Made we automatically generate a monthly Executive Summary report for our itBusinessCare customers.

This gives meaningful insight into what’s happening on your network. More importantly, it allows comparison with previous months for things such as warranty status and anti-virus coverage.

The reports are designed to be easy to read, using percentage scores and ‘dashboard’ style indicators. In addition, technical knowledge is not required in order to interpret them.

TMCS Engineers are constantly working behind the scenes to make sure that the monitoring system is correctly monitoring your IT systems, perhaps by adding new machines to our system, correcting any issues, preventing AV deployment, or managing the Windows Update patching process.

The reporting is an extension of our monitoring system, which is constantly gathering data from all monitored systems. In the event of any issues, historical data can help to narrow down issues and spot trends.

Of course you could do the monitoring yourself with one of the products available on the market, but this is expensive to buy and time consuming to manage.

Our itBusinesscare service is a cost-effective alternative, with the added benefit of the wealth of expertise that we have from our engineers.

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