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You may have noticed in the press information released on a newly discovered bug that is believed to be present on over 500 million computer systems worldwide.

The bug commonly known as the “Bash bug” or “Shell Shock” is not a virus but an inherent vulnerability found in many computer systems and routers that use an operating system based on the bash command interpreter.

What does this all really mean?
It means that there are many computer systems around the world that now need to be patched to be protected from this vulnerability. These systems include Servers, PC’s, MAC’s and many routers and firewalls. If the systems are not patched then they run the threat of being hijacked by hackers.

Windows systems remain unaffected to this vulnerability however MAC and Linux desktop and Server operating systems are likely to be affected.

What should you do?
If you have a Windows PC or Server there is nothing to be concerned about as the bug does not affect you. If you run a MAC or Linux based operating system you should ensure that the next updates that are released are applied to ensure that the bug is removed.

Taylor Made Computer Solutions customers that are under our itBusinessCare or managed hosted solutions will automatically have patches applied to systems that are covered under your managed contract.

If you believe you may have a system that is vulnerable and not covered under a managed contract please contact our service desk via email or our client portal and log a ticket.

More information from the media is available on this vulnerability can be found HERE

If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend you look to protect all your systems with a managed security product.

To find out more about our itMailCare, itWebCare, Managed AV and Securo Backup and Recovery products and how they can help protect your business, please contact your Account Manager on 01329 239900.

If you require further information or assistance on this notification, please call our ServiceDesk on 01329 226900 or email

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