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I’m usually glued to the TV or an extreme sports streaming website when there’s a big surf competition on and, in the last year, the coverage has become a far more immersive experience for the viewer. This is mainly because of the use of GoPro cameras on the competitors’ surfboards. I can stream every tube they ride in glorious full HD, without needing to squeeze into a wetsuit or get wet!

GoPro cameras have changed the game for a number of industries since their release in early 2010. From professional broadcasters to amateur videographers, these cameras have become hugely popular worldwide and anyone can achieve beautiful 1080p quality for under £500. Gone are the days of hiring expensive camera equipment or a cameraman to be in the surf with the competitors. GoPros can be remotely triggered to shoot video or stills and are virtually indestructible in their hard plastic waterproof casing. The raw footage is easily editable with applications such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie built into popular operating systems out of the box.

You may be asking, how does this relate to me and my business?
Social media is extremely important for business in 2015 and exciting content is everything. GoPros are making it easy to produce high quality videos of pretty much anything, check this video out from a company that builds custom homes. They have cleverly used the time lapse feature on the camera to produce a cool looking video to get more potential customers interested in their builds and boost sales.

Other companies are using GoPro’s on staff team building days to capture some of the corporate culture and uploading the videos on their social networks. Others are using these pocket sized cameras to film all aspects of their business and building their social media content across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and their corporate blogs.

In the last six months, the use of GoPro’s has evolved even more. As drone technology has become cheaper, manufacturers have combined drones with a gimbal specifically for GoPro cameras to attach to and enable the user to produce incredible aerial photography. I have seen some really cool footage of drones launched from boats to film surf competitions or more recently a drone was flown out from a rib over the beached cargo ship in the Solent to give the world a birds eye view of the situation unfolding for international news. Subject to conditions, they are a cheap way to get great aerial shots. Although they have limited flight time they can produce incredibly professional results. I know I’d much rather have the hum of a drone fly above me when I’m focusing on catching the next big wave than a helicopter creating all sorts of downdraught and chop on the water.

Estate agents, travel agents, wedding photographers and building contractors to name but a few have already started using drones equipped with GoPro cameras as a cheaper alternative for aerial photography for their business. We trialled one at Taylor Made and you can view the footage of our offices on the Cams Hall Estate in Fareham here .


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