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Microsoft will shortly be releasing the next version of their Windows operating system.  It has been designed to give the end user a consistent user interface and experience across all devices, whether you are using your desktop, laptop, phone, tablet or Xbox.
What’s new?

Microsoft have set out to improve on the Windows 8 operating system and make Windows 10 a much easier user friendly experience.  This means that it should be simple to use whether you’re navigating via touch screen on a tablet or using a keyboard and mouse on a desktop PC in the office.

From watching and reading up on the press releases issued over the last month it appears Microsoft listened to their end users and will keep much of the Windows 8 architecture. They plan to bring back some of the usability that was lost when they completely re-wrote the Windows OS after their major success with Windows 7.  So, in summary, yes, the start button will be back and read on to see what other cool features are in store for us.

1 One UI, all devices
The same OS will work across all of your devices.  It’ll run on your laptop, desktop, tablet, phone and even Xbox.  This comes after negative press for Windows 8 needing several different versions to run it on your different devices and numerous compatibility issues.

2. Resurrection of the Start Menu!
Yes, you heard right.  Despite Microsoft telling us the start menu was dead, they’re resurrecting it in Windows 10 and have given it a makeover.  Although it was re-introduced in Windows 8.1, it’s back, bolder and better than ever.   It will include interactive information from some of the apps in the menu as well as all your social media updates in real time as well as providing you a speedy way to load up spider solitaire.

3. One single supermarket for your apps
No longer the need for different application versions for Windows 8.1 or Windows RT, you’ll now just have one single app store for all your apps across all devices.  The headache Microsoft caused for developers with the release of Windows 8 will hopefully now be gone and we’ll start to see more of the popular apps on other operating systems now appearing on Windows 10.

4. RIP I.E?
Microsoft also announced they will be including a super speedy, streamlined web browser with the codename ‘Spartan’ in Windows 10. Officialssay however, this is not the end of IE and it will be included in the operating system.

5. Task View
Microsoft have finally added a native virtual desktop feature into their operating system.  Read an article on how this works by Tech Republic here; it looks like a much needed addition to the OS as a lot of use are using third party tools for this currently.

6. Apps run in the Desktop
Apps will be available and able to be run on the desktop alongside a document, web browsing session or spreadsheet at the same time.  You won’t be taken to the touch-screen interface like with Windows 8 which should reduce a lot of the end user frustration between ‘apps’ and installed programmes on the OS.

7. It’s smart
Windows will adjust to automatically suit a PC or tablet providing a simple but consistent end user experience.  It will adjust the software to suit as the desktop elements of the software are expected to co-exist with the touchscreen elements.

So in summary, it sounds like Microsoft have listened to their end users and have made some really positive changes.  Let’s hope it’s as good as they say when we see the operating system rolling out later this year.  We will be trialing the release candidate at Taylor Made soon and will be sure to post a review.

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