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Although health information can sometimes seem conflicting, there are clear choices we can all make on a daily basis to help steer us towards better health. In the same way, eating the wrong foods or lack of daily exercise, will, over time, contribute to real health problems.

For a while, in the short term, this may not cause any noticeable results – whether positive or negative. But over time, the effect will become apparent.

Books such as ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson  demonstrate how small, seemingly insignificant actions done consistently over time, compound into real, measurable results.

In making positive daily decisions, whether involving diet or exercise, improved health and fitness is only a matter of time.

Sometimes friends and colleagues won’t see the long term benefit of dietary or exercise choices and there may be negative comments. But by being consistent, long term health problems that affect the majority need not be part of your life.

What about the health of a business?
In the same way, a business is heading towards either success or mediocrity and perhaps failure, based on the cumulative effect of seemingly insignificant decisions made each day.

By recognising and embracing these principles, businesses can make sure they gain that elusive competitive edge.

Let’s look at a few examples that are easy to do, but easy not to do:

  • Making that consistent extra effort to provide regular clear
  • communication to a customer – if this is not done, you risk dissatisfaction and perhaps in time, even that loss of the customer.
  • Personally overseeing a customer query through to completion. Delegation may not always be the right option in all situations, leading to the customer not dealing with the right person.
  • Working towards clear goals based on a defined strategy

And of course physical health and business can combine in practical ways too, as Taylor Made found out recently when we were visited by ‘Everyone Active’ from their local leisure center to carry out health checks for employees.

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