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We have just witnessed another of Apple’s legendary World Wide Developers Conferences (WWDC). Like most, I kept a distant but watching eye, to see if I would need to upgrade my iPhone again.

Whilst they did announce IOS9, there was a distinct lack of iPhone hardware updates and my current handset can breathe a sigh of relief. The focus seemed to be more on their newer product lines and some felt it was something of a low key, perhaps even disappointing WWDC. What was interesting however was that it demonstrated just how diverse Apple is trying to become.

It can be difficult to get your head around Apple’s wealth. At the time of writing this blog, their value was $741.8 Billion, which rises by the second. Their value is greater than The Apollo Space programme twice over, the entire American Football League ten times over and they have over three times the cash of the American Government (Forbes, 2014). It is no wonder that they are listed by Forbes as the world’s most valuable brand. So when you reach that point and the majority of the world already uses your phone and tablet range, what do you do?

What we did see amongst the fanfare of WWDC was Apple Music. An announcement that made Spotify release their financials and shout about how great they are the following day. Even Radio 1 had to respond to statements that predicted the potential of Apple destroying traditional radio. We also saw further developments for the Apple Watch that could push it into the realms of genuinely useful. Apple Pay was boosted with extra features, so Apple can help you spend your money as easily as they convince you to buy their products. Siri is becoming more and more intelligent and OS X got a similar upgrade in the shape of the creatively named El Capitan.

Apple have a ridiculous amount of ongoing developments and patents that we occasionally hear rumour of such as TVs and even self driving cars. Take all of the aforementioned examples and what you get is a completely diverse set of products and services; all intended to enhance a vast range of tasks you perform in your day to day life. This is a far cry from the early days when they struggled to compete with Microsoft and the PC. Google are a similar example of a business successfully evolving from relatively humble beginnings. What can be sure now though is that the Apples and Googles of this world are here to stay and will only continue to become ingrained into our personal and business lives in increasingly varied ways.

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