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Through consistently deploying new point solutions in reaction to new data sources, businesses often find themselves vulnerable to protection gaps – a typical result of the additional complexity associated with multiple, often overlapping point solutions.

Given these inherent vulnerabilities, it is understandable that many businesses opt to invest in a single data protection system to absolve themselves such worries. However, choosing the correct solution can prove to be a daunting and confusing task in itself. As a result, we’ve outlined four considerations for you to factor into your decision-making process.

1. Pricing
Not all data protection solutions are created equal and one of the most obvious disparities between the wide range of solutions available is price. When selecting a solution, there are factors that you will be wise to consider before following through with investment. For instance, where possible, aim for a vendor that offers licencing costs based on the total amount of data stored in your backup data vault after compression and global deduplication. This way, even if your vendor charges based on raw data, the size of the raw data itself is greatly reduced.

2. Compliance
To ensure data is useless to anyone not authorised to access it and, therefore, prevent any problems stemming from such access, both the UK Data Protection Act and EU Data Protection Directive dictate that appropriate security measures must be consistently implemented to protect personal data. As a result, it is vital that data is encrypted in accordance with NIST FIPS 140-2 standards. Failure to abide by this legislation can see heavy penalties enforced – not exactly conducive to a healthy cash flow.

The mere fact that many data protection solutions are not compliant with FIPS 140-2 standards is a testament to the importance of assessing potential non-compliance issues before proceeding with the investment.

3. Mobile Data Wipe Functionality
When it comes to sensitive data, vigilance is imperative. Naturally, in the advent of the mobile and digital age, the frequency with which mobile devices are both lost and stolen is increasing. Therefore, it is wise to consider any contingencies offered by data protection solutions that can help you minimise the damage caused by theft or loss of devices that contain sensitive data.

An example of such a contingency is mobile data wipe functionality, especially when coupled with the geo-location functionality. Whilst not all data solutions may offer these, their power lies in the ability to let you visually locate all of your protected mobile devices and remotely wipe sensitive data accordingly. Given this technology exists, it is worth factoring this into your decision-making process when choosing a suitable data protection solution.

4. Recovery
Protection solutions are designed to do just that: protect. However, you should also consider the extent to which your solution is able to facilitate recovery in the most effective way possible. As is outlined in our white paper downloadable at the end of this blog post, it is often critical for you to store backup data for many years in order to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. As a result, a feature you might want to enquire about prior to your investment in a data protection system is the ability to automatically move old, redundant backup data to less expensive storage options, naturally saving you both time and money.

As with any investment, it is essential that a well-considered decision-making process is employed prior to taking the leap – this will minimise the risk of investing in a solution that doesn’t best address your primary concerns and issues. Given some of the features outlined in this blog (for example, Built-In Geo-Location and Remote Data Wipe functionality) may not be the most widely offered amongst data protection solutions, this doesn’t mean you should compromise: our single comprehensive solution offers all of the above and more.

To find out more about our data protection solution and how it can bring value to your business, download our free whitepaper HERE

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