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Whilst the protection of confidential data within businesses should always be considered an absolute priority, there are few industries where this need for vigilance is quite as pronounced as it is within the world of law.

However, this is just one of many reasons that well-equipped IT infrastructure is essential to ensuring your firm thrives.

Business Continuity and Contingency
Naturally, anything that hinders your law firm’s ability to operate and handle the fluctuating demands of clients is a threat to be taken seriously. One such impediment is a weak IT infrastructure, namely one that is ill-prepared for legitimate concerns such as vandalism, natural disasters, theft or even the untimely departure of important staff.

As a result, and as is mirrored by the views of the international legal community, having a documented disaster recovery and business continuity plan is absolutely imperative to on-going success. This viewpoint is supported by an increase of 8% (from 48% to 56%) in the number of firms implementing such plans within two years. This comes as no surprise given that The Data Protection Act requires that firms implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent accidental loss or destruction of sensitive, personal or confidential data.

Your Infrastructure
This is important as, in order to avoid being stung, you’ll need a continuity plan underpinned by a robust IT infrastructure – in the absence of such an infrastructure, you are devoid of the ability to protect business-critical data using network protocols and a reliable backup system.

Remember, don’t be lulled into a sense of false security, if your data is stored in an unsafe location or on-site, you invariably put yourself at risk. Avoid this at all costs.

It is impossible to effectively assess how strong your contingencies are without approaching the topic of protection solutions, after all, they are an integral part of any IT infrastructure and are a focal point of disaster recovery. Bear in mind however, that not all protection solutions are created equal, when it comes to such a vulnerable industry from data-related malpractice, you should consider the extent to which your solution is able to facilitate recovery.

As is outlined in our white paper downloadable at the end of this blog post, it is often critical for you to store backup data for many years in order to meet compliance and regulatory requirements and naturally this especially applies to the world of law.

As a result, there are naturally many variables you need to consider in not only updating your IT infrastructure but in investing in a data protection system. All too often we find that an influx of new data sources slowly but surely pushes firms toward adopting multiple data point solutions, exposing them to data protection gaps that are hard to identify.

Fortunately, we feel we have the solution – it comes in the form of our single comprehensive data protection solution and we have created a white paper to help illustrate why it could be the solution you need.

To download the whitepaper, simply click HERE

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