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Relatively recently, the general consensus amongst law firms was such that both the outsourcing of IT solutions and migration of data services to the cloud were seen as too inherently risky. This attitude was also strengthened by what many law firms deemed the potential consequences of relinquishing control to managed IT providers.

Summarising this sentiment perfectly, one respondent to a survey seeking opinions on outsourcing IT services stated that he “strongly believes that with the right service culture, it is better to have support in the firm, as opposed to out of it.”

Fast forward to today however, and it becomes all too apparent that such attitudes have been altered; legal IT leaders now believe that in order to increase efficiency, they need to actively invest in and align themselves with technological developments. Essentially, this attitudinal shift has seen law firms change their collective view of technology, firms viewing technology as a differentiator for boosting profitability, as opposed to a risky pursuit.

Also, a 2014 survey of law firms with ≥ £10m in revenue showed that 65% of respondents’ firms outsource some form of IT provision and that 57% report that their firm as being likely to consider outsourcing IT services or provisions in the future. These statistics support the preceding trends mentioned throughout this blog and serve to further support the viewpoint that outsourcing IT is not only a viable option for law firms, but an inherently beneficial one capable of setting you apart from your competitors through increased efficiency, capabilities and flexibility.

Furthermore, regarding the financial priorities of law firms over the next 12 months, PwC’s 2014 Annual Law Firms’ Survey revealed that IT and automation ranks 5th, with 51% of respondent firms committed to investment in the area.This is a testament to the fact that business process outsourcing and in particular, IT support, remain viable options for many firms, helping functions work more collaboratively and providing more tailored and value-added support.

The trajectory of these trends, coupled with technological advancements and growing confidence in the security and capabilities of the cloud pave the way for more law firms to work in collaboration with Managed IT Providers as an investment in their futures. They also suggest that outsourcing is beginning to form an integral part of the future for law firms.

Whilst this blog explores the current direction in which many firms are headed, we are aware there are many considerations that you’ll need to make prior to such investment.

As a result, we have created an in-depth guide, outlining ten crucial considerations for every law firm to make in optimising their overall IT performance – to access this guide and learn how to leverage the efficiencies of new technology, click HERE

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