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The mobile revolution is not just another buzzword to be banded around by marketing and technology giants to promote new investments – it is real, and it is changing the way law firms do business.

Ready or not, the mobile technology revolution is here.

Courtesy of the rising accessibility, popularity and capabilities of smartphones and tablets, law firms can now capitalise on a new-found ability to access vital documents and data from almost anywhere, at any time. This offers practitioners unprecedented levels of flexibility in how they can serve clients. The ability for smartphones to act as an extension of desktop computers has sparked a growth in the number of lawyers within firms of all sizes that remain accessible via smartphone or tablet through email.

Remote Access Vs. Your IT Infrastructure
With such a pronounced trend apparent, it is wise for your firm to consider the implications of increased mobile technology adoption, particularly when it has an impact on the amount of data travelling through your IT infrastructure.

For instance, the more lawyers and staff use their mobile devices to manage email and access information on your network, the demand is placed on your IT infrastructure and, for this reason, you must ensure your infrastructure is prepared. If your infrastructure is weak or aged, you might find your firm’s ability to leverage the reward of innovative mobile technologies is hindered, instead of facilitated. This is just one of many reasons supporting your need for a more robust and reliable infrastructure.

Also, you need to consider the potential burden imposed upon your in-house IT team as the number of mobile devices in use increases. This means that, even if your infrastructure can adequately handle increased demand, your IT team will still have to develop new policies, undertake training and increase their capacity and ability to offer the support services necessary across multiple mobile platforms.

Of course, there is another way of ensuring you reap the rewards of embracing the mobile revolution, a way devoid of the need to invest in developing new policies and undertaking training: outsourcing.

At Taylor Made, we are more than aware that there is a myriad of considerations to be made that can affect your decision to either maintain an in-house IT team or rely on a dedicated Managed IT Provider. Hence, we have decided to make the decision process a little less troublesome by creating an in-depth guide to specific considerations and points that are specifically tailored to law firms looking to optimise their IT performance and create a more profitable firm.

To access this guide, and truly find out whether you are ready for the mobile revolution, click HERE

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