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Two core technologies will have reached the end of their useful life according to Microsoft – both of these within 15 months of each other.

Microsoft ceased support for Windows XP last year on 8th April, yet over 18% of users are still running this outdated operating system. This has left many businesses open to vulnerabilities, the onslaught of hackers and other Internet borne nasties.

“93% of business that suffer data loss for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy, 50% of these do so immediately” – British Chamber of Commerce ICT Report”

So if you are reading this post on your Windows XP computer (or someone in your business is running it) you are 6x more likely to be infected with Malware threats than if you are running Windows 8. To make matters worse Microsoft are going to add additional risk to your Business this summer.

This July Microsoft ends support for the ageing Server 2003 operating system. After 14th July businesses will not be able to receive additional patches for Server 2003 from Microsoft. This means the same risks that currently exist for users of Windows XP are soon to be firmly inside the data-centre.

Are these risks your business is ready to take?

We strongly recommend that any business still running Windows Server 2003 seriously considers upgrading as soon as possible, to ensure your business is not at risk. Our expert team of consultants are on hand to offer you business advice on which operating system is best suited to meet your business needs and how to migrate seamlessly – call us on 01329 239900

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