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The world we live in is becoming more and more integrated and digitised with people being more reliant upon technology to function in everyday operations.

However there’s concern amongst IT professionals that the more technology brought into the remits of a business, the more vulnerable we become to IT security threats.

Let’s revisit the past, when firewalls were considered the ultimate guard to cyber enemies.

They were a one wall barricade. Once past the gate, attackers could enter a data goldmine and do as they pleased.

What we have now is a complex cyberspace, full of people connected to devices.

From the cloud to the internet of things, it’s evident there are more portals to sabotage than ever before.

If your IT policy goes above and beyond your standard practices, technology can actually aid in protecting your business from IT security threats.

The Cloud

Using the cloud actually enables rather than hinders. Hosting your data remotely in the cloud means just that; it’s remote.

Navigating a static incumbent IT system or data centre is easily traceable, and once hit, hard to recover from.

The cloud is a space that is saturated, which in any other industry would be perceived as a negative, however the more complex the network is and the more servers there are, the easier it is to protect your company data from a breach.

Mobile Security

Initially, and still now, the IT world has a perception that BYOD and working from home create more opportunities for cyber attacks and data theft.

This is only the case if you haven’t got a thorough mobile security policy in place that staff respect and adhere to.

Allowing for mobile usage to access business data remotely can help protect against a data breach in the sense mobile phones are easily traceable and, if your IT team are monitoring activity on a consistent basis, threats can be detected almost immediately.

Another benefit is that breaches can be dealt with remotely via mobile technology, avoiding downtime and loss of business continuity.

Mobile data breaches are still not a factor in real world data attacks according to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, citing that infection rate for mobile is at 0.7%, compared to the 33% rise in year-on-year rise for web attacks.

Technology itself is an enabler, it just needs to be in the right hands with the right strategic policy governing it.

Technology will always evolve and the amount we have and use will always increase so it’s better to be prepared for multiple systems and remote hosting in the cloud than experience an attack and left scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Security is high, if not first, on all IT professionals agendas, and with the landscape shifting so often, preparation for new IT security threats can be a challenge.

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