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Technology isn’t slowing down.

Your business will always be facing new trends and challenges to overcome, testing the flexibility and efficiency of your business operations.

According to recent data, the demand for managed IT service providers is rising, given the ever changing complexities of IT systems and cyber security threats; 69% of SMBs are now working with at least one IT service provider.

The reasons for opting with managed IT solutions are almost endless, but the main benefits are helping businesses all over streamline, optimise and boost the productivity of business operations.


The shifting practices of business are driving organisations to reconfigure their existing operational models to coincide with these technological changes, however implementing such overhauls can cause IT downtime and general disruption.

IT managed solution providers are able to effectively change your infrastructure to a better model more quickly and without causing any interruptions to business.

The deployment of cloud-based managed solutions will account for 56% of the total managed IT services market by 2020.

The adoption of cloud services is seeing a significant rise because it’s the easiest of models to implement and manage, but businesses are still lacking in in-house skills to deploy this themselves.


Outsourced IT enhances your current technological capabilities, providing your business with more expertise, manpower and additional software.

Some managed IT service providers go further than traditional setups, positioning an IT or data security expert to work within your organisation full time, managing a team or just a system.

Although the engineer will be employed by the third party, they will represent your company and bring a more diverse range of skills to the table in order to successfully manage and monitor your business’ state of security.


In today’s cyber security threat landscape, downtime is always going to be an issue.

How quickly can your business recover from a data breach? How much of an impact will it have on productivity?

To ensure you’re achieving operational productivity, your IT needs to deliver in order for employees to maximise their potential and output.

Managed IT service providers can detect and respond to a data security threat immediately, and through backup systems, minimise the loss of business continuity.


The main facet of the current IT industry’s conversations is that information security is a prevalent threat that needs preparation and understanding.

As legacy systems become outdated in regards to sophisticated cyber security attacks, your business and its operations will be exposed to data breaches and malicious malware entering your network.

A reputable IT managed service provider will be able to drive the conversation of data security and have the relevant measures in place, the right software and tools and a dedicated team of experts to safeguard your business.

Through security asset monitoring, threat intelligence, data breach detection and remediation, outsourced IT solutions are proving their worth when it comes to saving businesses money, protecting their bottom line and maintaining business continuity.

Your business operations are under threat due to the increase in data breaches and hacking.

To effectively prepare for now and the future, download our free roadmap: HERE

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