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Outsourcing your IT management or keeping it in-house isn’t a decision to make lightly.

It all depends on what is right for your business.

Both have their advantages but it’s important you know what to expect before you commit to doing it.

Given the increasing cyber security threats dominating the industry, protecting your business’ data from internal and external attacks should be high on the agenda.

If your IT infrastructure feels solid at the moment, it’s not guaranteed to stay that way.

For In-House

Managing your IT in-house is beneficial in that you retain full control over your operations and have more time to dedicate implementing solutions.

This slower pace of in-house IT management means that security can be dealt with thoroughly on an as-and-when needed basis.

Hiring an IT professional means employees can call on them at any given moment, sorting out computer bugs or dealing with access requests, leading to a streamlined and efficient process.

Against In-House

If you have one IT manager or just a small team, all of your business’ corporate data and sensitive data is effectively in the hands of one or two people, opening up your company to risks.

If they accidentally or maliciously misuse data, or leave the organisation without passing on all items of information, your company could incur a data protection breach resulting in costs and downtime.

Hiring an IT professional isn’t the most cost effective way to manage your IT, as quite often the complexities of what goes on in IT management (especially when you consider cyber security) is too much for one or two people to handle.

Finding professionals that can ‘do it all’ is a rarity, meaning you’ll need hires across several areas of IT to fill in all of the gaps.

When you consider the high profile data security attacks and the incessant need to protect your data, combined with application security tests and BYOD monitoring, the scale of work quickly amounts.

When implementing new software solutions in-house, your time to value decreases, in that internal employees need time and space to get to grips with the new technology and then train other users.

It’s likely you’d experience delays in seeing the value of the product, causing disruption amongst staff and possibly downtime if implementation isn’t successful from the get go.

Against Outsourcing

Something that can be perceived as a negative for outsourcing your IT management is that managed IT service providers can often work remotely, tapping into your network from their headquarters. Whilst this doesn’t present major problems, some businesses prefer on-premise management of their IT systems.

For Outsourcing

First and foremost, in the face of rising cyber security threats, IT outsourcing services provide added layers of security, giving you access to the data security experts.

The temptation to hire a young, newly qualified IT professional is all too easy; they’re low cost and know some of the latest trends.

However, skilled security practitioners are a scarce resource and they’re in extremely high demand at the moment.

Entrusting your IT deployment and management with a reputable third party gives you access to the experts who respond to threats immediately and minise the damage.

This leads us on to how outsourced IT services are the most cost effective way to secure your data – a major advantage for companies with lower budgets who cannot afford to hire an in-house professional.

Not only do they offer security protection as part of the service, but they also have the specialist software and technical tools necessary to provide efficiency and better IT user experience for your employees and customers.

Having a dedicated team, onsite within your company or working remotely, gives your business 365 days IT support, ensuring holidays and sickness don’t cause disruption.

If you were to hire an in-house professional, they will be taking annual leave and most likely have a few sick days, leaving your business in a vulnerable position should you encounter a data protection breach during these periods

With managed IT services you have an entire team of people who are ready and willing to jump in at emergency times.

Our recommendation

For cost effective IT support that can protect your business from data breaches, have immediate response time, minimise downtime and provide access to experienced IT and data security managers, outsourced IT is the best bet.

As we’ve stated, data breaches are on the rise and pose massive threats to your IT systems.

To effectively prepare for now and the future, download our free roadmap HERE

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