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Winter and the festive season are almost upon us, and businesses are thinking seriously about remote working. This is in preparation for the very real possibility of snowy days and bad weather.

We want to be clear about how businesses can reap the rewards of switching to the Cloud.

Flexible and remote working have long been ranked higher than pay rises among employees across the UK. Firms too have been quick to recognise the very real advantages to be had from home-based workers.

Some might say an office environment brings with it elements of sharing and interaction that perhaps, in the past, wouldn’t have been possible with employees sitting on their own at home.

But technology has moved on apace, and now anyone almost anywhere in the world has the opportunity to transport themselves into their employer’s office at the touch of a button.

The Cloud is a prime example of this.

It enables access to information from all corners of the globe, and beyond, in an instant. Many of us have smartphone technology at our fingertips, do we need to be at our office desk all day?

Anyone with access to this kind of technology has the ability to work seamlessly from home.

Companies looking ahead to the inevitable flurry of calls from employees anxious that they’re unable to drive to work because of snow on the roads, or because of flooding, or perhaps because a fallen tree has blocked the road.

Technology is placing businesses in the perfect position to grant requests for flexible working.

The weather isn’t the only reason for looking upon it favourably.

Knowing you can work from home if you need to boosts morale and productivity. It also helps with staffing levels, because traditional office hours can quickly become a thing of the past.

In today’s competitive jobs market, it takes a whole lot more than offering excellent rates of pay to attract and then retain the very best talent. Many expect nothing less that to be able to work from home – or anywhere else for that matter – if they need to.

So why doesn’t every employer embrace new IT advances that could help place their business at the top of the tree when it comes to attracting the best new recruits? Many simply don’t possess the technical acumen to appreciate what it can do for them.

But the advantages of remote working are there for all to see. And so too are the benefits of switching to the Cloud. Some businesses – regardless of size – try to jump in and adopt the first magical solutions available to them. It is as if migrating to the Cloud will instantly provide them with an all singing, all dancing, answer to the challenges they face. Sadly, diving in head-first is not the answer, no matter how tempting that might appear.

The difficulties of Implementing a true, integrated and functional Cloud solution from an existing hosted or on-premise starting point, for a fair and seemingly affordable price, has prompted poor practice and misinterpretation from a few IT providers. And this is preventing many businesses from taking their first steps safely onto their Cloud journeys.

There are things you can do to enjoy all that migrating to the Cloud has to offer, whilst mitigating the risks that some providers might expose you to.

Understanding and accepting that the Cloud is not a solution, it is a journey, is the most important thing. Don’t rush it. Next, it is vital to know exactly where you are starting from. How does it integrate – and where do you want to get to? Costs will always be a significant consideration. Don’t underestimate the hidden ones – and the management elements of migrating into the Cloud.

All parties should understand what needs to be done – and by when. These deliverables should also be set out in writing, preferably in the contract with your provider.  Document everything and take nothing for granted.

A back up and disaster recovery plan is crucial. And remember, the cheapest is never the best. When it comes to the Cloud, you always get what you pay for and getting right first time is key.

If you would like to download our ‘2017 Roadmap to risk-free IT & data security’ infographic, click HERE

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