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Winter has arrived, the kids are leaving school and everyone is flat out with Christmas shopping.

It’s that time of year where offices are a constant revolving door of staff going on and returning from breaks. It’s more than likely that people will forget to finish or hand over a task that they are responsible for.

Any one of those tasks could be directly associated to a business risk, especially if one is to ensure data backups are performed.

The importance of backup should never be underestimated.

I recently spoke to a contact who told me he wouldn’t be replacing his old tape drive because it was ‘clinging on’. The false economy of that approach is staggering.

Even if hardware is newer, there is quite often a manual step requirement to complete many backup processes.

That manual step must be accounted for even when those usually responsible are not available.

I have seen it too often, either the backup is completely ignored due to a lack of appreciation. That option becomes more difficult if you are snowboarding in the Alps!

Users delete files, change files and then want an old version, software crashes and corrupts open files, and occasionally malware gets in and destroys data.

Without reliable and secure backup in place, these seemingly small issues could cause catastophic damage to a business.

Data security risks and scandals have been all over the press in the last 18 months.

This is because in a time when backup technology is so sophisticated and now affordable, there is no excuse for the loss of crucial data.

Ideally, your backup process should be entirely automated, running faultlessly 24/7.

This allows staff to carry on with important tasks, safe in the knowledge that all business & customer data is safe.

For those who remain manual, it is critical to understand how much of a risk a couple of weeks of no backups pose to any business.

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