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Taylor Made have echoed the Government’s call for the private sector to join the battle against online crime.

Taylor Made realise that it’s not just down to the government to keep us safe

Managing director Nigel Taylor, said:

“While technology is constantly evolving, it’s ultimately people, not machines, who have the ability to fight cyber crime.

If we don’t work to nurture a generation of IT experts with the right skills, we will be powerless against cyber crime in the future.

This is where businesses have a part to play. We are fast and flexible and able to invest in people.

At Taylor Made for example we’ve set up a dedicated programme of training, workshops and knowledge-shares so all staff are constantly abreast of the latest developments.

Not only is it benefiting us and our clients, but it’s helping to push the industry forward by sharing best practice.

“With cyber security a major concern for businesses and individuals across the UK, I hope other businesses will follow suit.”

Nigel Taylor’s call follows comments made by Chancellor Philip Hammond this week that the government alone cannot protect businesses and the general public from the risks of cyber attacks.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the new National Cyber Security Centre in London he announced an ‘Industry 100’ scheme.

The programme will allow 100 private sector workers to take part in a secondment at the new centre.

“Our ears pricked up at the announcement of the Industry 100 scheme,” Nigel said.

“We’ll be listening closely to further announcements about the programme with the hope of Taylor Made staff taking part in secondments.”

The UK is one of the most digitally dependent economies, with the sector estimated to be worth over £118bn per year.

Despite this, more than two thirds of businesses are struggling to recruit the levels of staff they need to defend against major attacks.

For tips and advice on staying safe online contact Taylor Made on or 01329 239 900

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