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Taylor Made has gone the extra mile to ensure we can help customers who are Deaf or have hearing loss.

Taylor Made have worked with RAD to give employees training so they can work better with Deaf clients.

We have even changed some of our working practices as a result of the training, helping to provide better service.

How the training helped Taylor Made staff

Service manager Ross Chapman, who took part in the sessions, said:

“When you have good hearing you can take it for granted and assume everyone is the same.

Training taught us how we can work effectively with people who are profoundly Deaf and use British Sign Language.

We have adapted the Royal Association for Deaf people’s working practices to work effectively with our customers who are Deaf or have hearing loss.

This new way of working alerts the service desk engineer at Taylor Made that the person making contact is Deaf.

It allows staff to be prepared and put their training to use.

We also give clients the option to raise IT issues through an online portal, eliminating the need to speak on the phone.

Lesley Frearson, Director of Finance and Administration  from The Royal Association for Deaf people added:

“Taylor Made is a prime example of a company that goes the extra mile to ensure it is inclusive, which is one of the reasons we chose the team to look after our IT.

We’re delighted that the training is being put to good use and hope the staff will go on to share what they’ve learnt with other people they meet.”

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