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As an avid sports fan that happens to work in the technology industry, I have always tried to find similarities between the two.

Not only to satisfy my own personal interests but sport can be such an emotive topic for so many people.

A strategy to be ‘on-target’

In this instance I am going to try and relate IT strategy and golf. Bear with me!

I have recently started playing and immediately realised that golf is a sport that requires a lot of concentration.

Whether analysing the approach to the hole, selecting an appropriate club or simply deciding how hard you whack the ball.

Despite the complicated components of golf the overall aim of the game is quite simple.

You start at point A and try to reach point B (the hole) in as few strokes as possible.

This is where I see a parallel with an effective IT strategy and I use a comparable approach to managing them.

Start by thinking about your long-game, not short-game

IT strategies should start with a point A and always aim to reach a point B.

How many ‘strokes’ it takes to reach that point will be determined by the scope and complexity of the project. But the principles remain no matter what.

To reach your point B efficiently you will want to keep overall costs and unnecessary disruptions to a minimum.

Plan it out, be proactive and visualise the path you need to take to get there and avoid the rough.

Failing to do this will inevitably result in poor decisions and the path to your end goal becomes longer and more costly.

If you try to putt with a driver, you will fail!

The word strategy is a bit overused across most industries nowadays to be honest.

But whilst it has become something of a marketing buzzword, the actual fundamentals of what it stands for are still very much relevant.

I-Teeing Up

Having a well thought out strategy is part 1; part 2 is how you deliver it.

So be more like Rory McIIroy when it comes to plotting the path of your perfect IT strategy and don’t go over par.

Contact us on 01329 239900 if you would like to find out more about how we at Taylor Made help our clients improve their IT ‘game’ with an effective IT strategy.

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