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It’s happened… What now?

The worst has happened and you’ve fallen victim to the recent global ransomware attacks that has rendered your information inaccessible…

What do you do now?

•Firstly, don’t panic. The nature of the cyber attack is to render information inaccessible by encrypting or obscuring the data, once the process has started the only focus is to identify the source and stop it spreading further.

•Secondly, once the ransomware is identified turn off the computer to prevent further spread.

•Third on the list of priorities is to begin the restore process. The information that is inaccessible will need to be restored from your most recent backup. If you have an IT department, they would be the first point of contact to regain access to your information.

•Lastly, prevent any further incoming email while the attack is being investigated. This will prevent further attacks while the information is being restored.

If in doubt, call our team on 01329 226900.

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