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Over the past 2 months, we have seen two major ransomware attacks ‘WannaCry and NotPetya’ that have affected thousands of businesses around the world. You or any business for that matter is at risk of being a victim of a ransomware attack, whether you have a computer or mobile phone, a hacker could target you.

As the ransomware threat continues to rise, it is crucial you know the threats and how to protect your business should the worst happen.

What are the risks?
Hackers evolve with technology and will most likely stay one-step ahead of their victims and manipulate them with ease. Your employees could be the main source to a ransomware attack if they are unable to identify malicious emails. Are your employees equipped to avoid phishing emails?

Phishing emails is the biggest threat to every business, they are designed by hackers to trick employees into releasing confidential information about themselves or your business. Most attackers depend on people to click on suspicious links and download their malware.

Recently 97% of phishing emails contain some form of ransomware. The majority of employees are unable to recognise a phishing email, so they click on the link, giving hackers full access to information without even knowing.

How to protect your business
There are many ways you can prevent your employees and your business falling victim to ransomware. Employee training on cyber security and ransomware could protect your business massively in the future. It has proven that when training programs are put in place, employees are far less likely to fall for phishing emails or suspicious links. Employees become more alert and can recognise whether they have received one and in most cases alert the IT department who can then work to ensure those specific emails are blocked.

Protecting your business from ransomware attacks is vital. Anti-virus, firewalls and anti-malware programs should be essential for any business in order to keep you safe. Keeping software and data up-to-date and making sure it is backed up also reduces the risk of being hit by a cyberattack.

What now?
Ransomware is not going away, it happens every day all over the world. Hackers are successful but there is ways of protecting your business to reduce the chances of being attacked. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple solution that will ensure 100% protection. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim, as long as you put the right precautions in place to protect your business, the risk of being attacked will be reduced massively.

Many businesses are beginning to outsource their IT security to a trusted IT provider, this way their security risks are no longer an internal problem. By outsourcing the risk, businesses can focus on what they do best. They have the peace of mind knowing their data is not only secure but backed up should the worst happen.

If you are concerned about cyber security and would like to speak to one of our security experts please contact us today on or 01329 239900.

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Is your business protected?

This whitepaper highlights how to protect your business should you fall victim to a ransomware attack:

  • Top ransomware threats to businesses today
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  • Best practices for protecting businesses

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