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Many businesses around the world have suffered a ransomware attack and had their data encrypted. Protecting sensitive data is vital to all businesses, trying to avoid identity theft and protect privacy is key. Businesses lose confidential information, documents and even pictures every day due to their data not being backed up. Some have even paid the ransom to decrypt their data because they could not restore their data at all.

Hackers are finding it easier to encrypt data because businesses are unaware of the importance of backing up your data.

Why should you backup your data?

It does not matter how big or small your business is, doing regular backups are essential to securing all your business data. If your data is not backed up, the outcome could be disastrous depending on the data you have lost.

Data can be lost in a number of different ways, and it is important that your business is not affected by any of these risks.

• Hard drive failure
• Overwritten or deleted files
• Viruses that corrupt documents
• Cyberattacks

How to protect your business data

There are a number of ways you can protect your business data. Doing regular backups to the network, external disks or drives and even considering a third party back up service are all great ways for keeping your business safe.

If your data was to become corrupt, you would need to restore it by the click of a button. Backups should take place every time enough new files have been created or if you have made changes to files that would be difficult to recreate if lost.

Storing confidential and sensitive information in data centres is an ideal way of keeping your data safe. Firewalls are used to protect all information in the data centre, which means everything that is stored within the centre is completely secure.

What are the benefits of backing up your data?

The major benefit of data protection is how quickly you can access lost or corrupt files. Around 44% of data loss is caused by accidental deletion, system crash or software corruption, which is why doing regular updates and backups of your information, is key. By backing up your business information regularly, you have the ability to access specific files in minutes without any worry.

If you are concerned about your business data not being secure and would like to speak to one of our experts, please contact us today on or 01329 239900

Is your business data protected?

Should you wish to learn more about keeping your data safe, download our whitepaper to find out the following:

The present cybersecurity landscape
The main security threat to be aware of
What businesses need to do before an attack
How to keep your data safe

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