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Businesses are aware of Ransomware since the two major attacks ‘WannaCry and NotPetya’ that took place in 2017. Businesses now need to know how to reduce the risk of falling victim and the best protection to keep their business safe. Ransomware is something that is never going away.

These type of attacks are becoming more frequent and it has been predicted that the attacks will continue to increase over the next 2 years. It has been shown that in the first half of 2017, 6 in 7 SMBs were victimised by ransomware. SMBs are the most common type of businesses to fall victim of cyber-attacks because they are not prepared should the worst happen, they end up paying the ransom however never recover the data. The total ransom paid by SMBs to hackers between 2016 and 2017 was £2,285,493 million.

It is important that all businesses know what the most effective ransomware protection is.

Backup & disaster recovery solutions
Businesses must leverage multiple solutions to prepare for the worst. Standard security solutions are no match for today’s ransomware, which can penetrate organisations in multiple ways. Businesses should focus on how to maintain operations despite a ransomware attack. Having back up and disaster recovery will reduce the risk of falling a victim of ransomware.

Employee cybersecurity training
Today’s companies must provide regular and mandatory cybersecurity training to ensure all employees are able to spot and avoid a potential phishing scam in their inbox, a leading entrance point for ransomware.

Email/Spam Filters
Spam is easily recognised. However, the receiver of spam loses countless hours manually deleting the intrusive messages from their inbox. Spam filter software can help reduce the overwhelming chore of removing them and stop any unnecessary junk mail being delivered into a user’s inbox.

Patching Applications
A patch is a piece of software that is designed to update a computer program or its supporting data, to fix or improve it. This will include fixing security and keep confidential information safe. It gets rid of any bugs or a virus that you may have on your computer. The patches tend to improve usability or performance.

All businesses should make sure they have as much protection as they can in case they fall victim of a ransomware attack. In 2016, over 47% of businesses never recovered their data due to not having the right protection, however as long as you put the right precautions in place to protect your business, the risk of being attacked will be reduced massively.

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