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After months of hard work the team at Taylor Made is proud to announce that we are now a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP). As a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, we can now supply a new range of services including Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

For customers that take advantage of our Hosted and Cloud based solutions, we can also provide Office 365 that has the benefits of being able to use Microsoft Office Professional Plus on multiple devices, as well as other services such as Microsoft OneDrive and Skype for Business.

Why work with a Microsoft Tier 1 Partner?

Working with a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) means you are working with a proven partner that has a direct connection to Microsoft. In other words, we can deliver you the quality of service that Microsoft demands of itself and its partners. We set up and manage Office 365 instances for businesses. As a Microsoft CSP we can:

  • Deliver public, private or hybrid Cloud solutions for your company
  • Work with you to understand your business needs and deliver the correct solutions for your individual requirements
  • Maximise productivity and flexibility by providing a fit for purpose solution that scales easily
  • With Taylor Made’s itBusinessCare you will receive support from our highly trained ServiceDesk team

What it takes to earn Tier 1 Status

Microsoft is quite possibly the most widely recognised name in computing technology and its cloud service is one of the largest, fastest growing Public Clouds on the market. Microsoft has high standards for those in its CSP program. A Tier 1 Partner has demonstrated experience and competency in both support and administration. That means Microsoft allows Taylor Made to operate in its place without involving any other partners. A Tier 2 Partner must contract with a Tier 1 Partner.

To become a Tier 1 Partner, Taylor Made had to demonstrate to Microsoft that we excel in many ways:

  • Offer value-added services: Simply being a reseller is not enough to become a partner. Microsoft turns to its Tier 1 partners to provide a fully managed cloud service
  • Reliable support: Support must be able to prove competency in answering support questions
  • Customer management: Technical expertise is required in providing managed services using Microsoft tools
  • Simplified billing: a Microsoft CSP partner must provide customers with a single, simplified bill for all their Cloud services

What are the benefits of working with a Microsoft Tier 1 Partner?

By working with a Tier 1 Partner you remove the confusion or hassle of trying to coordinate multiple Cloud solutions with multiple providers and a support team that will never let you down. The end result is far more power for your systems, processes and applications. Whether your organisation is best served by Public Cloud, Private Cloud or some combination of the two, working with a Microsoft CSP partner means you’ll get the exact solution you need, customised to suit your individual requirements.

For more information on our cloud services please visit HERE. Alternatively, contact one of our experts today on 01329239900.

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