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With Cyber Security and GDPR at the top of everyone’s agenda this year, Taylor Made has been looking at what might lie ahead for businesses in 2018.

Last year saw some of the highest profile hacks on record, with the crippling ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack on the NHS in May, one of the biggest headlines of the year.

Taylor Made has compiled a list of predictions for 2018 in order to protect businesses and organisations from such hacks.

The rise of SmartTech

As smart technology becomes more embedded in our homes and offices, it’s likely that these devices will become a target for cyber criminals who want to exploit others. In the home, this could take the form of Smart TVs or voice controlled home management systems being hacked. In the office, it could be anything from scanners to security cameras.

Data breaches hit businesses in the pocket

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules coming into place in May, we’re expecting at least one major UK company to be exposed and subsequently fined by the ICO for a serious data breach. The new rules change the way businesses are allowed to store data and set out how they should tell customers how their data is being used.

Better protection for SMEs

It’s been difficult for smaller businesses to access the best security protection. The technology can sometimes be expensive, restricting it to bigger companies with big budgets. The tide is starting to turn though, and Taylor Made suspect growing demand will reduce prices.

Heading for the cloud

Taylor Made suspect that by the end of 2018 the vast majority of businesses we encounter will be based in the Cloud. More and more businesses are switched on to its benefits, in particular the way it supports remote working.

More targeted attacks

The cyber attacks we’ve seen in 2017 have seen a shift to organisations being targeted almost solely for financial gain. While the UK is bracing itself for the very real possibility of a cyber attack on public infrastructure, businesses should ensure they’re protected for these targeted attacks on their pockets.

Nigel Taylor, founder and Managing Director of Taylor Made, said “We’re firm believers in the phrase ‘being forewarned is forearmed’ and it’s so true when it comes to IT. We’re constantly researching the latest changes in cyber security and based on what we’ve seen this year there could be interesting times ahead. We hope our predictions will help businesses and consumers think about what risks and opportunities lie ahead in 2018.”

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