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A new report warns that the use of connected devices in the home can be used to steal data, but it’s not just consumers at risk. Taylor Made says businesses could also be putting themselves in harm’s way without even knowing it. A new report from National Trading Standards this week urged consumers to remain vigilant about criminals using connected gadgets to steal data.

The report said the growing use of connected devices in the home, like smart TVs and voice-activated home assistants, could leave people open to data theft and viruses.

What does Taylor Made have to say?

Nigel Taylor, managing director of Taylor Made, says that offices are increasingly using connected devices too, meaning they are also at risk.

“Any device that connects to the internet puts you at risk to some extent,” he said. “But that’s not to say we shouldn’t be embracing this amazing new technology. It’s all about understanding the risk and taking every step you can to minimise it.

“Many offices for example, use printers and scanners that email documents or send them directly to a server. That’s a connected device and therefore the data being transmitted could fall into the wrong hands if it’s not secure. Businesses should make sure their connection is secure and that their data is encrypted.”

Nigel added that other devices that could provide an opening for hackers included voice recognition devices and connected security cameras.

He said: “The Internet of Things and increased connectivity is a fantastic thing for the businesses community, allowing us to work faster and smarter than ever before. I’d encourage local businesses to embrace all it has to offer but just ensure the strongest security measures are in place to safeguard their sensitive information from attacks.”

The NTS report showed that it prevented almost £127 million in losses to consumers and businesses over the last year, and secured a record 104 criminal convictions.

Mike Andrews, from the NTS eCrime Team, said: “Our increased connectivity is a good thing, the opportunities for digital breakthroughs in this space could improve our lives immensely, such as connected devices that transform how we monitor our own health to smart devices that improve how we prepare meals.

“This continued progress should not be halted, but as criminals are increasingly finding new methods to target consumers, steps will need to be taken to help protect people in their homes.”

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