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Millions of computers, laptops and iPads could be vulnerable to hacking after major security flaws in Intel’s processors revealed.

Intel has begun providing software and firmware updates to mitigate these exploits and patches should be forthcoming from the mainstream vendors.

The main vendors affected, such as Microsoft and Apple will be releasing patches over the next week, which are automatically applied.

Often when researchers discover a security problem, they share the information with the affected company so the issue can be fixed.

Typically, both parties agree not to publicise the problem until a fix has been implemented, so that criminals cannot take advantage of the issue.

This time it looks like somebody jumped the gun and information was leaked before a software fix was ready for distribution.

Intel said it had planned to share information next week, and several security researchers have tweeted that they have made a secrecy pact with the chip-maker.

The platform we use in our hosted environment has been patched to mitigate the risks presented by this new vulnerability. If you are concened about your IT security please contact us on 01329 226 900.

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