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As Safer Internet Day takes place on Tuesday 6th February 2018. Taylor Made has released its top tips on how businesses can keep themselves protected online.

It says security threats have been increasing year-on-year and cyber-attacks are becoming far more sophisticated.

Its experts say that at an organisational level, understanding the threat that your business faces is the first step to prevention.

Technical director Matt Faulkner, who oversees projects for the likes of the NHS and Fat Face, says:

“There are a number of very basic technologies that can be adopted by any organisation to reduce the risks, from professional security testing, to robust email security solution, to managed antivirus solutions on the desktop.

“While there are many approaches to compromise IT security, one of the most common is to target unsuspecting individuals.”

Matt says that a common sense approach to security can help minimise the potential of such an event taking place. He says that for business leaders, raising awareness among staff is key.

Taylor Made Computer Solutions’ top five tips for businesses to stay safe are:

  • Use a sensibly complex password. The combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols dramatically increase a password’s security and reduces the potential of a password being guessed. A single password of 12 characters is better than two passwords that are six or eight characters in length
  • Be suspicious. Email is a good gateway to the end user, malicious content can be reduced through the use of a good email security solution. Equally, there needs to be an awareness that not everything that is delivered by email can be considered ‘safe’. The basic rule of thumb is, if you’re not expecting to receive something by email, do not open it or follow links contained in emails.
  • Never give your username and/or password to anyone. Also never enter it in to a website that you do not recognise and never write it down.
  • Move fast. If you believe that your IT has been compromised, ask your IT department or support company to change your details straight away.
  • Seek help before it’s too late. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to cyber security and having a plan in place for the event of an attack is vital. A good IT company can help you put a plan together so that if the worst happens, you can continue to work seamlessly.

For more advice on safeguarding your business contact our team of experts today

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