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When travelling quite a distance, to a new location, your first action is to put your destination into a satnav – you always start with the end in mind. Your Satnav then calculates the best route to get to your destination via a number of options. You then decide which option you want to take depending on your circumstances.

Now, why is it that as a business you don’t live by these rules in regards to your IT? You know where you would like your business to be in the next 3 to 5 years, yet most businesses fail to call upon a specialist (in this case a sat nav) to get to your destination.  Instead most businesses decide to implement IT systems on a reactive basis, as and when they are needed, which results in a mish-mash of IT systems within each department, inefficiencies and high costs.

IT systems are fundamental to the commercial success of every business. Yet so many businesses are cynical about investing time and money into a strategic IT plan. If you know you want to double in size, then having an IT strategy to support your planned growth is vital.

So back to my earlier point, would you get into a car without looking at a map or following a satnav? Would you travel thousands of miles in the wrong direction, breaking down, adding odd parts as a temporary fix? Well you might, but chances are it will take twice as long and there is a high possibility it would be unsafe or not very cost effective.

After 23 years of service we know one thing for certain – businesses work better with an IT strategy in place. The implementation of an IT strategy plays an important role in supporting the business functionality and future growth, while increasing productivity, flexibility and ultimately profitability.

Technology has never been so fundamental, so having an IT strategy is extremely important in this digital age. The right approach to developing a new IT strategy involves a structured, sequential process that produces a long-term view of the organisation’s technology requirements together with a plan for meeting these business needs.

As a business you need to outline the prioritisation of short, medium and long term IT requirements and provide an effective roadmap for implementing your IT strategy.

We are here to help

Creating an IT strategy that is understood by the business leaders is extremely difficult.

Why not seek the assistance of someone that has a tried and tested method for delivering this vital requirement?

For more information on our strategic reviews visit our website, alternatively contact one of our experts today on 01329 239900.

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