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Taylor Made’s on-premise vulnerability management solution helps you reduce your threat exposure by enabling you to assess and respond to changes in your environment real time and prioritising risk across vulnerabilities, configurations, and controls.

Data breaches are growing at an alarming rate. Security attacks are increasing and your board wants to know what you are doing about it. Our security scanner gives you the confidence you need to understand your vulnerabilities, focus on what matters and create better security outcomes.

Know Your Weak Points

You can’t reduce risk if you can’t find, validate, and contextualise it. Taylor Made’s vulnerability scanner dynamically discovers your complete attack surface and finds vulnerabilities you are missing today.
Understand your threat exposure by determining if your vulnerabilities can be exploited and if your compensating controls are deployed successfully. Contextualise the risks to get a true picture of them as they align to your modern digital business.

Prioritise What Matters Most

It’s impossible to remediate every risk. With Taylor Made’s vulnerability scanner, the highest risks are prioritised using threat intelligence aligned with what’s important to your business. Focusing your remediation efforts on taking the most impactful actions will allow you to reduce the most risk with the least amount of effort and keep your IT team focused.

  • Focus on Your Highest Risks: Our Real Risk Score provides more actionable insight by also taking into account vulnerability age and public exploits/malware kits. Our 1-1000 scale highlights the vulnerabilities most likely to be used in an attack, helping you prioritise the most critical issues.
  • Deliver Impactful, Actionable Remediation Plans: Drive effective risk reduction and avoid distraction with a one-page, prioritised report that highlights the most impactful risks to the business.
  • Implement Best Practice Security Controls: Do you know which security controls you should implement to reduce your risk of a breach? Taylor Made’s vulnerability scanner identifies gaps in your defenses and provides a prioritised list of security controls to deploy on your endpoints and servers. This allows you to mitigate risks against today’s threat landscape until vulnerabilities can be remediated.

Get to the Fix, Fast

You need to prove that your decisions, in fact, are reducing risk. Nexpose allows you to easily see your risk level changing based upon your remediation efforts. Compare different IT remediation teams against each other to understand where you should spend energy and budget. Ensure you are compliant to both internal and external requirements for your vulnerability and risk management program.
  • Drive Decisions Using Powerful Reporting: Do you know where you should invest energy and budget? Taylor Made’s vulnerability scanner allows you to see how your risk is changing over time, to determine if you are doing better or worse.

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