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Here at Taylor Made we’re always researching the latest in IT, including the newest software and apps. This week we’ve been taking a look at What3words, a brand-new location tool that helps people and businesses pinpoint exact locations.

What3words is essentially an addressing system that’s given every 3m x 3m square in the world a unique address made from three dictionary words.

The applications are endless and we’re excited about how they could be used by both businesses and consumers.

Consumer applications

  • People at music festivals or big public events can use the tool to tell their friends exactly where they are.
  • Those catching a taxi can tell the driver exactly where they are by using What3words.
  • In a humanitarian crisis, the tool could help save lives by providing highly accurate location data.

B2B Applications

  • Businesses can give delivery firms much more targeted locations to drop off parcels (eg at the back of the building rather than the front door).
  • Firms of all types – from solicitors to pubs – can use it to help customers find their locations more easily.

We’ve been testing out What3words here at Taylor Made and it’s already helped to improve the way we take deliveries at our head office. It’ll also come in very handy at our golf day later this year when we need to let people know where we are on the 18-hole course.

If you want to find us we’re at ‘hiked headset embers’ (we had hoped for ‘we are awesome’ but sadly you can’t have everything).

Ease of Use

What we like most about the tool is that it’s simple to understand. Using words means that non-technical people can discover and understand a three-word address more easily than a postcode or GPS coordinates. They can also share that address more quickly, more accurately and with less ambiguity than any other system.

The what3words system uses a wordlist of up to 40,000 words, depending on the language version used. The algorithm sorts the list so that simpler and more common words are used in more populated areas, whilst longer words feature in unpopulated areas.

Updates on the horizon

Looking to the future, there are already some updates being worked on. The developer is shortly releasing voice input, so you can search for a three-word address by speaking it. This will vastly improve how we navigate when driving, particularly where street names are ambiguous or conventional street address searches drop pins in the centre of buildings, rather than at the entrance.

Find your three words HERE

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