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Can your business afford to be caught out by adverse weather conditions? Ensure your business has a plan should the worst happen.

Many businesses in the local area are reaping the benefits of remote working this week. With the promise of snow on the horizon, businesses that have implemented flexible working can relax in the knowledge that their business will continue as normal.

Flexible and remote working has long been ranked higher than pay rises among employees across the UK. Firms have been quick to recognise the very real advantages to be had from home-based workers.

Some might say an office environment brings with it elements of sharing and interaction that perhaps, in the past, wouldn’t have been possible with employees sitting on their own at home.

But, technology has moved on apace, and now anyone almost anywhere in the world has the opportunity to transport themselves into their employer’s office at the touch of a button.

The Cloud and Hosted Solutions is a prime example of this. It enables access to information from all corners of the globe, and beyond, in an instant. Many of us have smartphone technology readily available. Do we need to be at our office desk all day?

Anyone with access to this kind of technology has the ability to work seamlessly from home. Companies are now looking ahead to prevent the inevitable flurry of calls from employees anxious that they’re unable to drive to work because of snow on the roads.

For more information on our cloud services please visit HERE. Alternatively, contact one of our experts today on 01329 239900.

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