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While the Beast from the East battered Britain last week it also showcased why Taylor Made is such a great place to work. Storm Emma caused havoc across the country but, with us being fully geared up for remote working, it was no problem for our team.

We were able to continue working seamlessly from home, getting access to everything we needed via the cloud. We were also able to have some fun too, after boss Nigel sent us home on Friday with very strict instructions…to build a snowman.

Everyone got creative in a bid to win Amazon vouchers and the title of ‘best snowman sculptor’. As the day went on entries flooded in, including traditional entries and more whacky designs.

In the end it was Jonathan Harris’ snow sculpture, our IT technician who scored first place, with Dave Conway’s ode to The Greatest Showman coming in a close second. They picked up £50 and £25 of Amazon vouchers respectively.

Our charity of the year, Naomi House Children’s Hospice, was also a winner as Nigel Taylor donated £100 to the local cause.

Managing Director Nigel Taylor said: “We understand that driving in the snow and ice can be very scary so we actively encourage our staff to stay at home when weather like this kicks in. Many parents also find schools are closed when snow hits so finding last-minute childcare can be an added pressure. Being an IT company, we’re fully geared up for remote working and practise what we preach to our clients. Using the Cloud, we’re all able to seamlessly carry on working no matter where we are.”

Marketing manager Frances Sturt said: “We all loved the snowman competition. In some jobs you can feel pressured to struggle in through the elements and be a ‘hero’ but it’s not like that here. We were all able to carry on with anything we needed to from home and the snowman competition was definitely a fun way to spend our down time!”

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