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More than 40 businesses came together yesterday (March 20) to find out how to stay on the right side of new data protection laws.

Taylor Made and KPMG joined forces to run a seminar and educate fellow local businesses on the new GDPR data protection rules, which come into effect this May. From May 25, businesses will have to prove they’ve been given consent to store people’s data.

They’ll also have to tell people how their data is stored and how it’s being protected. If personal data gets stolen after a cyber-attack, companies have to report the breach within 72 hours of realising it.

There are big fines in store for businesses who fail to comply with the new laws, with non-compliance fines potentially costing upwards of £20m or four per cent of total annual worldwide revenue.

Matthew Faulkner from Taylor Made Computer Solutions was one of the speakers at yesterday’s event. He said: “This is the biggest change to UK data laws in years. While a lot of businesses have known about GDPR for some time, some of the advice out there has been confusing and now the clock is ticking.

“Our event allowed us to set out exactly what businesses need to do in clear, easy-to-implement steps and dispell some of the myths that are out there.”

La Vern Martin, who spoke from KPMG, added: “We believe one of the backbones of a vibrant economy is a business community that works together and that’s exactly what we’ve done today. It’s our pleasure to share our expertise with fellow businesses and help them get to grips with GDPR.”

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