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Taylor Made are warning businesses about a new scam that steals data and deletes all available backups. The newly-discovered Zenis ransomware has the potential to destroy businesses if people fall into the trap.

Zenis uses a customised encryption method that warns recipients to pay up or risk losing their infected files forever. The scam tells victims not to ask anyone else for help and deliberately deletes backups, even if the victim pays.

Our Managing Director, Nigel Taylor says “Zenis could mark the start of a ‘new breed’ of cyber scam. There are elements of this which are very different to ransomware we have seen in the past. It’s very unusual that this particular scam deletes all available backups and, at first, doesn’t give a specific price for the release of data. It’s a nasty piece of ransomware and we would urge businesses and consumers to be extra vigilant while the IT community learns more about it.”

Taylor Made is reminding people to take simple measures to keep themselves safe from ransomware. They include:

Hold regular training with all staff to teach them how to spot suspicious emails
If you have the slightest doubt about the authenticity of an email don’t click the link
ALWAYS hover over links to see where they lead to – if it’s a strange or unrelated website it’s likely to be a virus
Be wary of clicking links in emails from mobile phones, these devices don’t give you the option to hover over and see where the link leads
Poor grammar is often a tell-tale sign of a scam email
Forget the myth that Apple devices are immune from viruses

Taylor Made is trusted by businesses of all sizes to protect their data and take care of their IT, we have more resources on cyber security on our website at Alternatively, you can contact one of our specialists on 01329 239900.

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