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Beyond Encryption provide a military-grade secure email communications platform called Mailock.  Their encryption service protects sensitive information sent by email, with extending into instant messaging and documentation.

Since the first email systems surfaced nearly 50 years ago, usage has skyrocketed with over 240 billion emails sent daily across the world. 86% of professionals name email as their favoured communication method.

Mailock enables the user to benefit from the complex world of encryption in a simple and user-friendly environment. Senders can authenticate their intended recipient’s identity as well as ensure that no other party can intercept the communication, all using their existing systems and email addresses.

Aside from preventing unwanted interception, senders can also track when messages have been opened by an authenticated recipient, revoke message access if mistakes are made and benefit from a full audit trail of delivery – Digital Recorded Delivery®.

Companies that send confidential information electronically are often unwittingly breaching the Data Protection Act which can currently result in fines of up to £500,000 per incident. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will dramatically extend these penalties once effective in May this year.

Failure to comply could have catastrophic results so the new technology has been designed to help businesses meet Data Protection, GDPR and MiFID II obligations.

With industry figures estimating that cyber-attacks are costing UK businesses more than £30bn a year*, the potential financial implications, reputational damage and business interruptions are huge.

Beyond Encryption started life 9 years ago, borne from a desire to find a way to send and receive messages securely whilst also verifying that the recipient was indeed the intended party.

Taylor Made are delighted to be providing our customers with this inovative, secure email solution. Many of our customers in the legal sector are now enjoying the security that Maillock ensures.

At Taylor Made we guard our reputation of quality seriously. We do not believe in compromising cost with quality. All of our products and services undergo a rigurous selection process and must be approved by our product board before we add them to our portfolio.

If you are looking for a secure email communications platform contact us today for more information at

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