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Hundreds of people are being bombarded with phone calls from fake IT support scammers based abroad who are fleecing their victims out of thousands.

Scammers are phoning up pretending to be Microsoft or IBM persuading people to give them remote access to a computer – and then are able to empty bank accounts or leave behind malicious software.

Fresh data revealed by Action Fraud shows more than 6,300 frauds were reported in Hampshire – with losses of £16.7m.

In the 6,331 fraud cases overall in the six months to March, 214 were investigated by Hampshire police – with 151 judicial outcomes in court. About half of that was business crime; with the rest were individuals who fell victim to fraud.

Taylor Made are urging people to be more vigilant when it comes to giving callers personal information.

One tell-tale sign that can give away whether a call is genuine or not is whether they are happy to provide you with a number to call them back on. You should be clear that you are uncomfortable giving out your personal information and would like them to provide you with a number so that you can check the authenticity.

You can then check the authenticity of the number by pasting it into a search engine.

That said, scammers are finidng more and more ways of fooling people and some more sophisticated scamscan be very convincing.

You should also take the time to contact your IT provider directly and ask if they are making routine maintenance calls off the number provided.

Taylor Made’s tips

  • Always check the authenticity of the number that called you.
  • Always call your existing provider to check that routine calls are being made.
  • Never give any bank details, passwords or personal information over the phone.
  • If you have the slightest doubt about the authenticity of a call put the phone down.

What’s next?

At Taylor Made we provide staff training on scammers and cybercrime. We also impersonate scammers and test your employees on their ability to recognise scammers and cyber-criminals. Furthermore we hack websites and databases to expose potential entry points that a hacker could use to perform an attack.

Our security review gives you the confidence you need to understand your vulnerabilities, focus on what matters and create better security outcomes.

For more advice on keeping your organisation safe from scammers and cyber criminals visit HERE

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