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Hundreds or even thousands of people across the South could have had their financial details stolen as a result of the British Airways data hack.

On Friday (September 7) it emerged that the airline had been victim to a sophisticated cyber attack, with the personal and financial details of customers making bookings at risk.

Around 380,000 transactions were affected. While their travel or passport details are understood to be safe, credit or debit card details and personal information are understood to have been compromised.

Taylor Made, now a Peach Technologies company after its recent acquisition, says businesses in the south should use the example as a stark reminder of how they should ensure their own customers’ data is protected.

Matthew Faulkner, Technical Director, said: “This couldn’t be more embarrassing for British Airways. We’re only just over a year on from the ‘power outage’ that triggered a collapse in BA’s airline information systems, cancelling hundreds of flights and causing major chaos.

“The reputational fallout of this latest error is potentially even more damaging, with consumers likely to be questioning whether BA is taking the protection of their data seriously enough.”

Matthew adds that the attack has highlighted the financial risks of not keeping data safe, as well as the reputational ones. According to reports, shares in BA’s parent group ACG dropped by 2.79 per cent in Friday morning’s trade. The company has also promised compensation for customers who lost money as a result of the attack.

Matt added: “On top of this we can expect to see the ICO dishing out a significant fine for British Airways not complying with the new GDPR rules, which force companies to keep client data safe.”

In the wake of the British Airways hacking the company is offering a free 30-minute cyber security health check for businesses in the region. For more information call 01329 239900 or visit

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